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Joining CNHS or renewing your subscription just got easier. As well as cheques and standing orders we can now take payments online through PayPal or credit cards. Just click the link opposite or go to our Join CNHS page for further details about our various subscription rates.

Since 1953, Colchester Natural History Society has been at the forefront of wildlife recording in north-east Essex. Our wildlife experts have written nationally recognised books, worked on TV series featuring wildlife champions such as David Attenborough and have restored species such as the purple emperor butterfly and water vole to our countryside.

Working with councils, conservation bodies and private landowners, we help to monitor the rich array of habitats and species in north-east Essex. Our records and surveys are used to influence planning decisions and habitat management, whilst providing us with evidence to lobby for action when important sites are under threat.

There is a world of wildlife out there just waiting to be discovered. We hope you enjoy exploring it with Colchester Natural History Society.

Barn owl at Hamford Water

Trevor Clifford